WASH into The Future 

How can the $WASH token benefit your organization? Start accepting and implementing $WASH into your business.  


Smart  Contracts

The $WASH token utilizes the XRP Ledger's Hooks for  smart contract integration.  Your service contracts can become automated and transparent in the blockchain.      


Employee Incentives

Having trouble keeping your service business employees happy? Is your turn over ratio causing problems in your company? $WASH Token is the solution you've been waiting on.


Customer Rewards

Keep your customes happy by incentivizing your services! The $WASH Token is a great rewards utility token for your loyal customers who  deserve more then a Thank You Letter.       


Factoring Receivables

Are Net 30 recievables causing problems in your service business? Say good bye to Net 30 forever by factoring your receivables with $WASH  token. 


Online Payments

$WASH Token is the fastest, most affordable, and most secure way to accept online payments to your service business.       


Org Governance

Associations in the industry will soon change forever by utilizing the $WASH token for their online governance of the Org. Now your voice matters. 


About The $WASH token

The $WASH Token was created by professionals in the pressure washing industry to bring the power of the XRPL Ledger and blockchain into the exterior maintenance industry. The future of washing is here! 

Find out more about how the $WASH token can help transform your business into the next generation of the cleaning industry!

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Wash Token Roadmap

$WASH has a long journey ahead to become the foremost used cryptocurrency supporting the pressure washing and exterior maintenance industry.

Meet Our Founder

Ty Schell is the founder of $WASH Token on XRPL. Ty has 15 years of experience in the pressure washing industry and over 17 years of experience in the website design and development industries. Ty Schell is the CEO of Wash Patrol LLC one of the nation’s only power washing franchises.

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